Until That Day Comes” is my September single release. 

(“Holding back words that should be spoken to loved ones may one day haunt you”) 

This time pushing my acoustic sound further into beat-centric, electronic tones.

"Ripples In The Ocean" is my new single. A song about how life is constantly fluid and therefore always changing.

“Life Was So Beautiful” is the second single release from my latest album “Up Close"

The song deals with the sudden and unexpected loss of a life long partner.

Still In Love” will be the first single from my new album [Up_Close] to be released soon. 

The song is about how some couples are able to stay together no matter what life throws at them. I’ve known people who’ve suffered loss and heartbreak, more than many of us could imagine, and despite the odds have kept their lives together. 

That’s something, I think is worth celebrating.