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New Single Untangle Me

New Single Untangle Me

Untangle Me, a song written and produced by David SweetLow at his studio in Sapporo, Japan, is both a musical and somewhat cultural collaboration between David, an English singer-songwriter and Japanese classical flutist Kaori Anta. This collaboration started when David saw Kaori playing at a classical music concert and was captivated by her almost spiritual playing style. 

The song itself is about how lies and betrayal can intertwine into an unbreakable and impenetrable wall of guilt on the person who commits them. The arrangement of the flute interacts with the music like a spider forming a web to trap its prey while the acoustic guitar and pleading vocals drone on to give the listener a sense of burden that builds to a breaking point as the song comes to an end.

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David SweetLow is an English singer-songwriter. He’s had two top 40 hits in the UK in his own right and has co-written songs for several high profile artists. He has worked on major advertising projects in Spain for the Voll Damn Beer company and has contributed to many other major advertising campaigns.  

As an artist, he has worked with some of the most prestigious producers and engineers of the 80s including Alan Tarney, Andy Hill and Gary Langan. As a co-writer he’s work alongside Gary Numan, Alan Tarney, and the Spanish producer Jordi Cubino.   

David SweetLow has been signed as an artist by 3 major record labels during his career, WEA Records, Polydor Records and by Miles Copeland at IRS Records. His co-written song “Adrenalin” was featured in the Hollywood movie “Blood and Concrete” starring "Jennifer Beals”.  

Born and raised on the estuary of the River Thames in Essex England and having lived in Lousiana USA, Spain and now Hokkaido Japan, David SweetLow’s music has a certain worldly shape to it, not settling in any one place for long, constantly on the move. 

His acoustic musical style with touches of folk, Americana and the mystery of his now Hokkaido home, his music will take you on a journey from his gritty English roots to the snowy beauty of Japan’s northernmost island.

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