David SweetLow brings together a gentle folk sound and a well-traveled perspective in his music. There’s an immediate delicate warmth to the songs as they start to play, the acoustic guitar picking and SweetLow’s near-whispered, smooth and heartfelt vocals walk hand-in-hand as the songs pour through. It’s an easy kind of ambiance to embrace and be simultaneously embraced by. 

His lyrics paint an appealing picture of gratitude and a simple appreciation for life and the world. There’s a poetic aura to many of the songs, as well as, in equal parts, personal intimacy, so his songs feel both accessible and truthful to the artist behind them. 

The more you listen to David's lyrics and intricate melodies the more you'll learn about the artist behind them. There’s a softness to his presentation that resonates the calming energy of his music. His beautifully crafted lines and ideas, which often rise in intensity during his songs will lead you to a deeper connection. Some of his vocal and production work are quite stunning actually, simple but effective in bringing through the central idea in a manner that’s likely to keep his audience sharing in his deep sentiment right there in the moment.

Rebecca Cullen

Fight Back

David SweetLow

New Single out on the 27th August - Everybody seeks help at some point in their lives. Only some will find it. Depression is something that shows itself differently for everyone. There is no one person, or one story, or one experience that can make someone truly understand how depression alters the lives of the people who suffer from it and those around them. However, never be too proud to reach out and ask for help. It will change your life. So Fight Back!

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“Ishikari” is a tale of sensations and observations made during several long bike rides along the Ishikari river that stretches from Sapporo to Ishikari city on Hokkaido's Japan Sea coastline. 

David SweetLow is an artist unafraid to offer up his inner feelings with the human condition for all to see and hear. Sometimes apologetic, sometimes darkly-moody, always intentional, you have the notion that a curtain is being opened and there's a beautiful story about to begin.

One By One

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