"Still In Love" video post

Excited to have uploaded my video Still In Love  this afternoon. I wanted to make a video that reflected the meaning behind the words and music. The gentle enduring love of two people that have spent a harmonious lifetime together…


The Freaky Wardrobe Cafe 01-02-2020

A big thanks to all those who came to my gig at the “Freaky Wardrobe Café” in Sapporo on Saturday. I always appreciate your company Xx. 

Also special thanks to 大島夕采 and Justin Gambino for their support, great music, and…


Video progress

I just finished the video today for "Hokkaido Rain," one of the tracks on my album [Up Close] which looks really great! I filmed most of the video, apart from the animation, around Sapporo on a rainy night back in…