My third album Up Close is completed

It all happened from the month of August through to December 2019 while sweating from the humidity of the northern pacific summer in my small studio here in Sapporo, Japan to freezing at the beginning of the Hokkaido winter.  My intention was to make an honest album of written words and music that would come together to reflect the foolishness and raw truths that make me who I am. A collaboration of memories and the calmness of retrospect in a world where people rarely have the time or inclination to ponder on what makes them who they really are. 

The process of creating this music was therapeutic and gave me hope and a feeling of replenishment.  A new chapter will now blossom out. 

If you would like any further information about me or my music, send a note by following the link below. 

Let’s meet somewhere in this music and share. 

Hasta entonces 

David Xx

David SweetLow brings together a gentle folk sound and a well-traveled perspective in his music. There’s an immediate delicate warmth to the songs as they start to play, the acoustic guitar picking and SweetLow’s near-whispered, smooth and heartfelt vocals walk hand-in-hand as the songs pour through. It’s an easy kind of ambiance to embrace and be simultaneously embraced by. 

His lyrics paint an appealing picture of gratitude and a simple appreciation for life and the world. There’s a poetic aura to many of the songs, as well as, in equal parts, personal intimacy, so his songs feel both accessible and truthful to the artist behind them. 

The more you listen to David's lyrics and intricate melodies the more you'll learn about the artist behind them. There’s a softness to his presentation that resonates the calming energy of his music. His beautifully crafted lines and ideas, which often rise in intensity during his songs will lead you to a deeper connection. Some of his vocal and production work are quite stunning actually, simple but effective in bringing through the central idea in a manner that’s likely to keep his audience sharing in his deep sentiment right there in the moment.

Rebecca Cullen